BBYO Israel Tour 2021

Separate Tours for year 11 and for year 12

The International Experience In Israel

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Why Choose BBYO Israel Tour?


What makes us different?

BBYO Israel Tour celebrates Jewish teen life by offering a truly global experience. BBYO is proud to be the largest Jewish movement, operating in over 50 countries and reaching 80,000 teens worldwide.


After attending Israel Tour, teens will be welcomed into an exciting peer-led movement with a life-long opportunity to continue their involvement and make an impact in their community.

We have partnered with BBYO's global travel partner, BBYO Passport, to provide a premiere experience like no other. 

The Upgraded Israel Tour Experience

Upgraded Accommodation

A month away from home is a long time and we want to do everything we can to make the experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. We have upgraded where we are staying and carefully selected 3 and 4 star accommodation.

Laundry Service

Leave space in your suitcase for souvenirs! BBYO Israel Tour includes a worry-free laundry service so you don't need to pack clothes to last for a month!

Elective Tracks

Explore Israel on your own terms alongside BBYO teens from across the globe! For a segment of our trip, we offer three Elective Tracks suited to participants' interests. For more information about our Elective Tracks, please get in touch with the BBYO Office for a brochure. 

Educational Approach

We embrace and celebrate every aspect of Israeli life, while encouraging our participants to engage on a broad spectrum of topics. Teens will leave our Tour with the confidence to define their own sense of Zionism. Our Tour truly is for every Jewish teen


BBYO Israel Tour Highlights

  • Visit all the classic sites from the Golan Heights to Eilat

  • Learn about the ancient practice of Kabbalah from a world-famous artist in Tzfat 

  • Experience the thrill of sandboarding down natural dunes in the Negev 

  • Raft the Jordan river

  • Take part in an Ethiopian Culinary workshop

  • Enjoy banana boating and a sunset cruise on the Red Sea

  • Participate in co-existence dialogue with Israeli-Arab teens through the Galilee Foundation

  • Swim under the desert waterfalls in the Ein Gedi nature reserve

  • Experience a Kabalat Shabbat at the Western Wall

  • Visit Sderot to learn first hand about how border communities adapt to challenges...

  • ... And much much more 

*all subject to change 

Israel Tour Registration 2021

We aim to provide Israel Experience programmes for current years 11 and 12 this summer 2021. We're working hard to deliver Israel Tour in this uncertain climate and there are lots of challenges - but we are working hard to see if we can overcome them!

More information will be available in the new year. Please register your interest for BBYO Israel Tour using the link above and we will send you updates as soon as they are available.


What's Included?

The price for Tour includes flights to and from Israel from London, accommodations, tours, food, entrance fees, baggage insurance, a t-shirt, orientation, guest speakers and laundry service. 

Is Financial Assistance Available?

UJIA, and the Youth Movements/Organisations who run Israel Tour, are committed to financial inclusion to ensure that all young people in the British Jewish community can participate in the programme. Families unable to meet the full cost of the programme can apply for means-tested financial assistance, provided by both UJIA and BBYO UKI, by ticking the appropriate box on the Initial Application Form. You will then be sent a Financial Assistance application form by BBYO UKI. The UJIA Bursary Fund Committee guarantees complete confidentiality and anonymity throughout the process.

Who is BBYO Israel Tour For?

BBYO Israel Tour 2020 is open to all members of the Jewish community finishing school year 11 and year 12. Our Tour reflects the true diversity of Jewish life with participants from all denominational affiliations. We are well known as an inclusive movement, and aim to welcome teens regardless of affiliation, practice, gender, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status, including those with a range of abilities.

How Can I Get a Brochure?

More information will be released in January 2021. In the meantime please register your interest in BBYO Israel Tour 2021 using the link above.

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