BBYO vs Lockdown 3.0

Charlotte Reese, Kehilah Administrator

and Amie Shooter, National Administrator

As the winter truly settled in towards the end of 2020, another lockdown loomed over us here in the UK but that didn’t mean our BBYO events and programmes had to end.

The second half of the school year kicked off with some fantastic BBYO virtual camps, national events and chapter launches, and our chapters and members are doing really well!

Winter Festivities

Over the winter break members from all around the UK & Ireland joined together for three days of virtual fun.

The first day started off with making pizza in the BBYO Cook-a-long, with one savoury and one sweet. While the dough was rising, we took part in the first part of the Big Night In, a murder mystery, which was a great way of starting off Winter Festivities and got everyone in the BBYO spirit.

Day two began with a virtual AGM, and although this was a new experience for all of us, it was very successful and we had a great turnout.

Later in the afternoon was the National’s Pub Quiz, which contained questions that we knew would be cheat proof. Members were smelling herbs and guessing songs played backwards, and Coby Brown (Deganya president 2020-21) ended up winning an iPad mini!

The night ended with the second part of the Big Night In, where face masks and calming music made an appearance.

We made hot chocolate stencils and, although mine wasn’t super successful, there were many really nice ones. Sophie (Kehilah Vice President) said that her favourite part about Winter festivities “would definitely be the hot chocolate, blankets and talking to friends”.

The last day was definitely the most active, with Social Challenges having members running to their local park and producing comedy skits. It was extremely entertaining and super funny for everyone involved, and I personally loved watching everyone’s videos coming through.

The Festive Party on the final evening was filled with different games, such as online Scattergories and Just Dance. At the end, we gave awards which was such a great way to end the three days.

Spring Kickoff

The next exciting event was Spring Kickoff. This year’s theme was a campfire. Before the event we got a pack with a chocolate bar and some marshmallows. This was to use in our first activity – s’mores making!

Louie (Kehilah programmer) said that his “favourite part about the kickoff event was making s’mores as we got to eat them with everyone else”.

I really enjoyed the campfire making activity where we had to go on a scavenger hunt around our houses to find items to make the most creative and unique campfires.

We also had an amazing raffle with 10 incredible prizes, Yael Cohen won the top prize of a Nintendo Switch Lite and I won a limited edition BBYO blanket hoodie! It was definitely the perfect way to start this term.

Chapter Training Day

Last week we had a chapter training day. All the Chapter Executive members and the National met (on zoom) to refresh our training from CLTC.

We learnt some new tips and tricks on recruiting, programme writing and utilising the technology that is at our fingertips.

We had an incredibly informative session from Luke (National Vice President) on how to recruit new members to different chapters. It was really insightful to take a step back and put ourselves into the shoes of a prospective member, which we all were a few years ago, and remember how nervous and excited we all felt when we first joined the movement.

We then had a workshop on improving our programming skills. This was mainly focused on adapting programmes to suit the needs of our members as well as using online features that we would never have been able to if we were in person programming.

We ended the training with a bonding activity, the perfect positive note to end the day.

Games Night

On the 24th January, Kehilah had its first meeting back after the holidays. It was fantastic to see everyone again and we were really pleased to see how many of our members attended the programme.

This week’s meeting was written by Louie Burns, our chapter programmer and I believe that it was one of our best yet.

All the members really enjoyed themselves, competing against each other in a bid to win the title of ‘The Most Awesome’ in rounds of countdown, buzz in quizzes and family feud.

We were so glad to be reunited with our chapter once again and can’t wait for the weeks to come.