National Veida 2022

Meet The Candidates

National Veida, or Veida for short, is BBYO's annual regional election. The teen leaders who hold positions on the National Executive Board ("The National") are elected by their peers at Veida.

They are responsible for mentoring chapter executive board members and planning key events. The training, skills, and experience offered to these teen leaders is truly unrivalled. Peer leadership is a central tenant of BBYO's mission and as such, we are absolutely delighted to introduce the candidates for The National Executive Board for the 2022-2023 programming term!

You will be able to view each candidate's platform and video for their campaign, on this page.

If you are yet to sign up for National Veida and would like to join us, you can purchase your ticket by clicking here.

B'Hatzlacha/good luck to all of our candidates!

National President

Jasmin Jones - Deganya

View Jasmin's platform here!

National Vice President

Georgina Gordon - Kehilah

View Georgina's platform here!

Aitan Zietel - Deganya

View Aitan's platform here!

National Administrator

Ya'ara Haddi - Kehilah

View Ya'ara's platform here!

National Programmer

Toby Ross - Deganya

View Toby's platform here!

National Judaism and Zionism Awareness Officer (JZA)

Talia Lovat - Glasgow

View Talia's platform here!

National Social Action and Causes Officer (SACO)

Alex Leslie - Deganya

View Alex's platform here!