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In 1924, a group of boys formed a fraternity in Omaha, Nebraska. The society was named the Aleph Zadik Aleph (AZA), standing for Ahava Tzadakah Achdu't, meaning brotherhood, charity and unity. The B'nai B'rith Youth Organisation formed from the AZA, incorporating the B'nai B'rith Girls (BBG) in 1927.

The first BBYO chapter established in the UK and Ireland was Leeds, in 1940. Today, BBYO is the world's largest Jewish youth movement, with over 35,000 members and more than 1000 chapters across the globe.

Throughout BBYO's 90 year history, the organisation has brought leadership training, community service opportunities, Jewish education, a connection to Israel, and positive identity to thousands of Jewish youth. Although the structure may differ depending upon the needs and design of the Jewish population, the basis is the same; BBYO provides fun and meaningful Jewish experiences for Jewish teens everywhere.

BBYO has always been the world's leading pluralistic Jewish youth movement. As the first and the most dynamically inclusive organisation of its kind, every Jewish teen, of all backgrounds, anywhere in the world, will find an experience that provides the foundation for a meaningful Jewish life.

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